Singer from Chicago, performer  of 1950s/60s music, doing her solo thing...

Miss Barbara Clifford & The Shakin' Tailfeathers 

Introducing Barbara Clifford

Born and bred in Chicago, she is a 4ft, 11inch singer performing rockin' blues, rockabilly, & soul around Chicago with the help of "The Shakin' Tailfeathers". For the majority of her adult life, she's been singing all kinds of styles, but her passion has always been Roots-Americana music. Most notable for being 1/2 vocals in THE HONEYBEES, she decided to pursue a solo career. Her first solo album "Introducing Barbara Clifford" is made up of mostly original songs. Some written by Ken Mottet. It was recorded on Blue Lake Records (Switzerland) with the band The Rhythm Storms. Since then, she's performed worldwide and stateside. "Introducing Barbara Clifford" is a great taste of flavors. Some rockabilly, some rock n' roll, blues, RnB, it. Enjoy!

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The Shakin' Tailfeathers in Chicago are: Theresa Drda (Drums), Michael Hogeorges (Bass), Tony Wittrock (Guitar), Mike Burns (Guitar)

The Rhythm Storms are: Juan Rodriguez (Guitar), Pierre-Yves Aufranc (Bass), Roman Bader (Drums). Guest Musicians on CD: Martin Telfser (Guitar), Enno Geissler (Guitar), Marco Hunziker (Sax), Pat Madison (Sax), Dusty Cigaar (Guitar)

"Nikki Kay" song recorded in Chicago, IL at Hi-Style Studio. Band is: Joel Paterson (Guitar), Mondo Cortez (Guitar), Brad Ber (Bass), Alex Hall (Drums), Sarah Goldstein (Vocals), Adrienne Stoner (Vocals), Gabrielle Sutton (Vocals)

  • Other Recordings

    THE HONEYBEES full catalog, Johnny Cash and June Carter Tribute Band (Austria/Switzerland/USA), 1/4th of "She-Demons", 1/2 of The Wuanabees (Blue Lake Records), guest vocalist on Nick Curran's "Reform School Girl" (Song "Reform School Girl"), guest vocalist on John Guster's "Bits & Pieces" (Song "You've Got What It Takes"), backup vocalist on The Del Moroccos album, guest singer on The Black Crabs "Blast Off" record. (Song "Dangerous Curves").


Introducing Barbara Clifford

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In The Key of Bee

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In The Key Of Bee

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